application/pdfEU Education Programme in Gaza - Dalal's storyAmong Save the Children’s interventions is a 16-month project aimed at reducing barriers to quality and protective education services for at risk and out of school girls and boys in the Gaza Strip. The project focused on enhancing children’s access and retention to quality and safe education opportunities through remedial education, education material support combined with referral pathways to service providers, to children and families exhibiting extreme vulnerabilities. On the school and community level, this was complemented with capacity development to targeted formal schools in community catchment areas to ensure children have access to quality and safe educational opportunities. The project directly reached 5,560 beneficiaries. This project was implemented in partnership with Tamer Institute for Community Education and Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, with funding from the European Union. 22/03/2022976KB
application/pdfHope Under the Rubble ReportFinal 'Hope Under the Rubble' report on the impact of Israel’s home demolition policy on Palestinian children and their families. 27/07/20211MB
application/pdfHope Under the Rubble InfographicInfographic summarizing the key findings of SC report 'Hope Under the Rubble' on the impact of Israel's home demolition policy on Palestinian children and their families.27/07/20211MB
application/pdfDefenceless InfographicsInfographics the key findings and results of the Save the Children oPt report 'Defenceless' on the impact of Israeli military detention on Palestinian children.01/04/202110MB
application/pdfDefenceless ReportDefenceless is a report that delves into the impact of Israeli military detention on Palestinian children. Growing up amidst military occupation and conflict has had a profound impact on Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza. It has impacted every aspect of their lives, from their safety and development to their psychosocial wellbeing and mental health.01/04/20212MB
application/pdfDanger is our Reality InfographicsInfographics summarizing the key findings and results of the 'Danger is our Reality' report on the impact of conflict and occupation on education in the West Bank of the occupied Palestinian territory.01/04/202112MB
application/pdfDanger is Our Reality ReportDanger is Our Reality is a report published by Save the Children's occupied Palestinian territory country office on the impact of conflict and the occupation on education in the West Bank. Palestinian children have lived the entirety of their lives under military occupation and conflict. Many Palestinian children are exposed to dangers on their way to and from school and in the classroom. 01/04/20212MB
application/pdfA Decade of DistressBased on Save the Children interviews, it is clear that the ongoing instability and feelings of entrapment have left many children and young people in Gaza with a deep sense of insecurity, fear and hopelessness, and have had a profound impact on their mental health and well‑being.25/03/20191MB
application/pdfGaza Audit Report 2012Gaza Audir Report 2012 includes all Gaza office financial statements for the year 201203/07/20132MB
application/pdfThis report is the FINAL audit report for Gaza office for the year 201203/07/20132MB
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